Company Values

The equity and loan practices of BTM Capital are among the most respected, stringent and diverse in the business. The strength of BTM Capital’s ethics practices are demonstrated by our global leadership rankings, in Switzerland, the U.S. and worldwide in completed common stock; high-yield debt; convertible debt; and AAA grade debt offerings BTM Capital benefit from long established relationships with most major investment banks as well as large local and international corporate clients. Our strong family of clients ensures that our firm has a high volume of transactions, which in turn allows competitive spreads while ensuring that brokers are up to date with updates and developments in the securities laws and the global capital markets.

BTM Capital specializes in complex transactions that leverage its expertise to the benefit of both issuers and underwriters. Today, we remain privately owned with over 150 professionals. Our mission, which is to serve our clients with unbiased and impartial advice using extensive industry specific experience and professional transaction execution, has remained unchanged since our companies inception.

The regulatory environment within which we operate is defined and controlled by similar agencies around the World. Securities regulation includes various aspects of transactions and other dealings with equities. It includes both national and regional level regulation by governmental regulatory agencies, among them the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA – UK), and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC – US).